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Just by breathing, we create free radicals that damage to our body and make us age.  Free radicals are associated with over 200 kinds of chronic disease e.g. alzheimer’s disease, cancer, cataracts, diabetes, heart disease; and the aging process itself!

So we age when we breathe. That is an inconvenience truth!

When you breath, you take in oxygen and burn off carbohydrates, what comes out are CO2, energy and water.  And in this process, 2% of oxygen would be generated as free radicals.  This 2% oxidative metabolism means every cell of the body is generating free radials every second.

That equals 73,000 free radicals per cell per day!  And that’s assuming you are resting/sleeping whole day.  If you are jogging, you will release more free radicals.


Do you know what this figure stands for?  It is how many free radicals contained in just 1 cigarette!  That is 10,000 million million free radicals.  All these are examples of increased oxidative stress.

Free radicals are oxygen and positive (+) charged molecules.  As they lack electrons and that make them very unstable.  They attack our cell and leads to a sequential effect; damage the cell and eventually the DNA.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that destroy our cells and DNA

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